Executive Coaching for Women Leaders

There isn’t a great deal of difference in the way that we coach male and female leaders within organizations. Every person that we work with is a unique individual with their own set of skills, biases, assumptions, strengths and development needs.

What is different is that when we coach women we are experienced and aware of the external and internal obstacles that women face in most organizations.

External obstacles: such as the largely unconscious sex role stereotyping of women’s roles and abilities; the difficulties of operating and networking in male dominated work environments; and the challenge of commitment to both a career and personal/family responsibilities.

Internal obstacles: barriers that women create for themselves because they have been conditioned to think of themselves in certain ways, for example, not believing in their own capabilities; not knowing how to negotiate and ask for what they want; having the skill to be assertive rather than aggressive; and a reluctance to build strategic professional relationships and promote oneself.

Understanding the dynamics in play for women who aspire, or who have already made it, to senior management positions is a huge advantage. It enables us to accurately diagnose the real underlying causes of individual and organizational behavior. Not understanding these dynamics can often lead to misdiagnosis and ineffective and misdirected action.

As Unwritten Rules clearly illustrates, there’s no shortage of literature and research highlighting the fact that women are underrepresented at senior management levels. There is also a plethora of material advising women how they need to behave if they want to advance up the corporate ladder. Most of this advice boils down to “be more like men” if you want to succeed. So where does this leave women who want to be true to themselves and hold senior leadership positions?

We will work with you on the level of thinking, behavior and values to support you to succeed in your organization and retain your own identity and sense of self.

Lynn and her partners work with women leaders worldwide using a combination of face-to-face and remote coaching.

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