Book Reviews

Lynn Harris has demystified the challenges facing women who aspire to corner offices in large organizations. Her book is structurally sound, clear and rational. It’s also teeming with examples from people’s personal experiences that bring life to the book. This is a roadmap for corporations that wish to mine the wealth of talented women within their organizations and a first-time look at “corporate refugees”, women who find success on their own terms. This is an important and valuable resource for the development of women leaders. It is a stellar achievement.

Joan Jenkinson
Executive Producer, S-VOX: VisionTV |
One: the Body, Mind & Spirit channel | Joytv 10 & 11

Lynn Harris demystifies the structural arches that still support the enduring “glass ceiling” and provides a coherent and functional framework of the thinking and behaviors that foster success for women aspiring to leadership roles in today’s organizations. This book provides a core of understanding, in the form of practical contexts and language that stimulates confidence and managerial courage, regardless of gender. An energizing read and indispensable as a management and leadership reference tool.

May Scally
General Manager, Labplas Inc.